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Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exam Guide

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Dr. Sanket Pisat and Dr. Chinmaya Sahu are both postgraduates from Mumbai University.

While we were studying for postgraduate CETs, we found that though our efforts were sincere, success was still far fetched. Only after an enduring ordeal of trials and errors, we realised that the only thing that was going wrong was the TECHNIQUE OF STUDYING. And it's not just us, but everyone who does well in a entrance exam eventually gets this 'enlightenment', so to speak.

We have already completed our postgraduation. But for the benefit of other aspiring postgraduates, we decided to write a small set of guidelines that we thought would be useful.
 Something that we would have wished to have in our hands before WE started studying.

While most peer reviews that we have received have been encouraging, it is, in the end, your own study style that works best for you. We can only, by means of this book, try and lend a helping hand.

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Dr Sanket Pisat

Dr. Chinmaya Sahu

Dr Sanket Pisat, Dr Chinmaya Sahu