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Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exam Guide
Getting started... And about time, too!
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GETTING STARTED: AND ABOUT TIME, TOO! - PostGraduate Med Entrance ExamGuide

Your fondest dream is a good clinical seat, ie a rank in the first 200 or 250. Each year approximately 1,50,000 people appear for the PGM- CET. That means you have to be among the top 0.1 percent!!

When the PGM CET(Maharashtra) was first held in 1999, the number of students appearing was 36,000. In 2007, this figure rose to a staggering 1,76,250!! That’s an increase of almost FIVE times!


  • Benefits of an early start
  • Detailed statistics of the astronomical competition that awaits you.
  • How to start, Where to start, Whom to ask and What to do!!

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Dr Sanket Pisat, Dr Chinmaya Sahu