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Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exam Guide
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INTRODUCTION - PostGraduate Med Entrance ExamGuide

Hi! First of all, let me congratulate you on having decided to pick up this book. Although we don’t claim it’s going to be your sure shot guide to success, it is definitely going to be a torchbearer on your way to the CET.
Since we are writing this book for a large audience, it will be up to you to identify what stage and grade of preparation you are in, and then use the book accordingly.
Some of you will be doing your internship, struggling to find those few hours of study every day before sleep kills you..
Others, like the early bird, will be those who have just finished 3rd year and begun internship, and want to get a good head start. Still others, who already gave the exam one attempt but didn’t do well.. Sitting at home and wishing they had put in more when they could, and trying earnestly to study but being slowly engulfed by the feeling of hopelessness.
 Relax. Don’t worry.


  • How we formulated the perfect gameplan
  • Adjusting yourself to the study routine: No two people are the same!


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Dr Sanket Pisat, Dr Chinmaya Sahu